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Questions list
Are all models on this site Israeli?
Yes! All models are young & genuine Israeli models that live in Israel
Do the models speak English?
Yes! All models speak good English, Hebrew and some of them also Arabic
Where are the models located?
All models work from home and do it on their free time
What is the models schedule?
The models schedule is the list of all models that work on pre scheduled shifts and this way
You can easily find & contact your favorite model
What will appear on my credit card statement?
The transaction made on our site will appear on your credit card statement as: Cybernet Online Ltd
With no connection to our site nor to the adult industry nor to the internet at all!
What services does your site offer?
The site offers surfers a subscription that will enable them to conduct an erotic video chat with Israeli girls,
who broadcast from their private homes without any physical encounter.
Does the site offer escort services?
No! This is a site that only offers a service of erotic virtual online chats, without any physical encounter and these are not escort services of any kind.
Are the girls on the site real or are they recorded?
These are real Israeli girls who broadcast from their homes in direct broadcast stream.
What happens to a subscription I have purchased if I have not used it for a long period of time?
Each purchase made at our site will remain valid until you have used all the minutes you purchased,
No matter how long you keep them nor how often you use them, they will never expire before you use consumed.
Do I have to show myself on camera (open camera) during chat?
No! You can definitely chat without opening a camera to keep your privacy.
If you open a camera you can see yourself on the screen and if you do not open, you will see only the girl.
Who can see me when I open a camera during the video chat with the girl?
Only the girl herself sees you during the chat and only if you turn on a camera
If I`m not satisfied with a particular girl on the site or the service she gave me what can I do?
You are welcome to contact us and tell us about it or write or you can also write a review on the girl in our site.
What do I do if a girl gives me a bad service or is treated me improperly?
Please don’t hesitate to contact us regarding any problem, question or complaint and we`ll be happy to provide you with a customer service
Your satisfaction is important to us so be ashamed and call any problem that arises!
Do girls on the site reveal their faces?
Most of the girls on the site do not reveal faces but it also depends on your personal charm!
How can I hear the girls on this site?
Most girls on the site operate a microphone and if you have speakers on your computer you can hear them.
If you cannot turn on the speakers, contact us and we will be happy to guide you.
Do I have to identify myself during the chat with my personal information? (Real name, address, telephone, age, etc.)?
No! You do not have to reveal any detail of your personal identity during the chat.
What do I need to do in order to chat with girls on your site or communicate with them?
In order to engage into video chats with the girls, you must purchase time via the sign up page.
Is your site secure?
The site is secured by 256bit SSL protocol & PCI credit card certified. The credit card details are streamed online to the clearing company using an encrypted protocol.
For security purposes, we do not store the credit card information in our system other than the 4 last digits in order to identify the user.
When I purchase a time, what will appear on my credit card statement?
Purchases on our site will appear on your credit card statement under the descriptor: Cybernet Online Ltd and will not mention the name of the website nor the type of service
Does your site allow video chat with girls using a smart phone such as iPhone or android?
Yes! You can enjoy our sites services using any smartphone available including tablets and smart TV`s.
How do I know if my computer is suitable for video chats on this site?
Your computer needs to have an up-to-date flash player and an Internet connection at a speed of 15 MB or higher.
And a webcam is required if you want the girl to see you.
Which time package is the best to purchase?
The larger package you buy the lower the rate per minute will be, so the most purchased package is the 30 minutes package (not the most expensive but still very good rate per minute)
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